Jan’s Journey!

Jan is one of the longest-serving team members at Viranda.

An experienced industry professional, she first joined the company in 2004 as an Executive Assistant for three years. After a stint away, Jan rejoined again in 2010. She has worked across many projects at Viranda, supporting senior management and the company as a whole. During her time she has seen the commercial property market fluctuate, the team grow and the business thrives. The only thing consistent throughout the years has been the company address, but she loves the diversity of her role and has played a strong part in the successes to date.

When asking the team about Jan’s journey to date, it’s clear that her attributes are harder to define than any given KPI or employment agreement – Jan has an intangible quality of boosting staff morale and is highly respected for being a mentor and trusted confidante.

“Every day is about juggling all kinds of things. My role is very client focused, but I enjoy checking-in with the team, making sure people feel supported or have the resources to achieve. When a working culture is on track people thrive. This side of it doesn’t feel like work, it’s just something I like to do.” Jan reflects. Chairman, Andrew Guest adds, “Jan has been a true backbone of support and a very great friend and confidante to the managers she works alongside in the unique Viranda environment. She has a wealth of knowledge on Viranda’s systems and policies and with her valuable contribution we are collectively able to obtain only the very best results for clients.”

The team appreciate Jan’s 12-year contribution to date and look forward to many more years ahead.

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