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Peter’s Journey – An Update

21 Jan, 2021

Last time we checked in with Peter it was August 2018, he was a fairly new addition to the Viranda team and even the job title was different.

Welcome Back!

11 Jan, 2021

The sand has been brushed off our feet, the last of the ham has been eaten and the computers are fired up again.

What a year – Merry Christmas!

10 Dec, 2020

Bringing a little Christmas cheer to your inbox – enjoy! As we nudge closer to the holiday season, it seemed right to throw on an ugly sweater and reflect on a crazy year.

Beyond reasonable debt?

3 Dec, 2020

Kiwis owe more than ever, but can debt help an economy recover? It got us thinking about our attitude to debt.

Clients ready to buy!

23 Nov, 2020

We’re hunting for suitable property every day. Let’s work together! Since 1986, one of Viranda’s biggest strengths is doing deals.

Creating Value through Depreciation

2 Nov, 2020

Back in April we covered an article on commercial property depreciation and what it could mean for you as a property owner. Viranda wants to ensure its clients are achieving their full depreciation entitlements for the 2020/21 tax year and have sought the advice of depreciation specialists, Valuit, who can provide a detailed report outlining the tax saving opportunities.