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3 May, 2021

Shout-out to the admin rock ‘n rollers with a ‘people-first’ attitude! We have a dynamic Accounts Administrator role that’s ready now for those who like a fast-paced, positive workplace.


22 Apr, 2021

As we settle into a forever-changed business environment, Viranda takes the chance to reflect on the commercial property market for Q1 2021.

Truth or Myth #2 – Commercial property investment requires about 50% cash to invest – putting the goal out of reach for many?

10 Apr, 2021

In the second of our Truth or Myth blog series we answer the idea that commercial property investment requires a hefty sum of cash to invest – putting the goal out of reach for many.

About 4,000 days at the desk!

6 Apr, 2021

Culture is king for Viranda’s Finance Manager, Glenn Martin, and a positive workplace is what has kept him at the same desk since 2006.

Truth or Myth #1 – Investing in Commercial Property is Costly?

23 Mar, 2021

Every day, Viranda fields questions and opinions around commercial property investment. In this blog series we take a look at the common themes and either bust or validate the myth.

Midway Through Alert Level 3

3 Mar, 2021

We are midway 🤞🏼 through L3 here in Auckland and we hope you are doing okay. Again, our team are working from home with minimal disruption