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Pass Go & Collect Rent

17 Sep, 2020

Tenant payment issues are a sensitive topic with the choppy waters of Covid-19 swirling around us. But regardless of the market conditions at play, any rent and operating expense (OPEX) arrears require a swift recovery plan.

Recounting the past 15 years

1 Sep, 2020

Managing Director, Mark Bridgman, recently celebrated 15-years with Viranda. We recount some of his memories to date and share what has kept him inspired since 2005.

Grow Your Wealth, Shrink Your Stress

24 Aug, 2020

The latest JUNO has dropped! We are very proud to appear in JUNO investing magazine again. JUNO has our thumbs up for educating Kiwis to make smart investment decisions.

Return to Alert Level 3

12 Aug, 2020

As per the government announcement regarding Covid-19, Auckland will move back into alert level 3 at midday today. For us, that means taking care of the team and doing our bit to tackle the virus. We have been here before and are prepared for this.

Major changes ahead for building laws

29 Jul, 2020

The government has announced its first set of decisions on the proposed building reforms and once the changes are embedded, New Zealanders could experience savings of up to $150 million over the next decade from fewer delays and less repairs to substandard work.

A Candid Discussion around Investing in New Zealand Property.

20 Jul, 2020

Viranda considers a multitude of factors when acquiring commercial property on behalf of its overseas clients, including tax and legal guidance, yields and returns, along with clear communication around the consenting process for investing in New Zealand.