A New Lease of Life for the Gasometer Site - Viranda Holdings LTD

Just a short walk from Viranda’s office is Huron Street where a big change is unfolding. A large multi-level carpark is set to replace the old Gasometer site. Groundworks have begun, and timelines indicate an opening date of mid-2020.

Urban redevelopment is inevitable, particularly as The Auckland Plan has earmarked Takapuna as one of 10 metropolitan centres – ‘important industry, transport and housing hubs’ where considerable change is expected within the next three decades.

Additional parking spaces simply makes good commercial sense, and Viranda will welcome the additional foot-traffic this brings to our neighbourhood. We also applaud the forward-thinking nature of this project, with electric car charging stations, bike storage, accessibility parking and the ability for further floors in the future. When people can move with ease, and in a safe manner to conduct business, it can only be a good thing. We have witnessed parking shortage in Takapuna for a number of years.

Of course, this project has plenty of naysayers too. Concerns range from increased carbon emission, unaffordable parking rates, restricting public traffic flow, and loss of valuable housing land. But once the car park is complete, stage II can unfold – the rest of the Gasometer site will be transformed into a mix of commercial, retail and residential spaces. That feels like positive economic growth to us, what are your thoughts? We will watch this project with great interest.

Visit: panuku.co.nz/takapuna