Ask the Expert Series: How important is commercial property maintenance? - Viranda Holdings LTD


In a nutshell, it’s crucial!

It simply comes down to dollars and sense. When a Commercial Property is maintained it will prove more profitable in the long run. But also, its well-known that tenants stay longer if their working environment is smart.

What should you be doing?

  1. Regular Inspections: while not a legal requirement, are a no-brainer. And that is Viranda’s role. Through inspections we can ensure all minor issues are dealt with before they become big and more costly than necessary. We also communicate regularly with tenants and remind them to report any issues or damages within a property immediately.
  2. General Maintenance: unfortunately, external events can happen, along with general wear and tear. Viranda has excellent relationships with contractors who are doing this work every day. We can ensure all projects are carried out at competitive rates because of our long-standing relationships. Payment – tenant or landlord comes down to individual lease terms, with many leases requiring tenants to pay outgoings on top of their rent requirements to cover these incidents. Generally speaking, the tenant is obligated to pay the landlord for maintenance or repairs, with the exception of capital expenses.
  3. Interior Maintenance: Tenants have a duty to look after the interior. Reception areas, lifts and stairwells make a big first impression, so it’s a good move for landlords to keep them looking smart, which in turn should inspire tenants to stick with the standards set.
  4. Exterior Maintenance: We are currently working across our full portfolio to do drone photography of roofs to check their condition and provide an updated report to property owners. It is our priority to get the maximum life out of your roof, so if we can identify issues early, we will achieve this result on your behalf. What else do we inspect? Parking zones, signage conditions, paintwork, seals on windows and doors, general gardens and anything that might prove hazardous or unhealthy to tenants.

The thought of maintenance work might seem daunting to landlords, but to protect and grow the wealth of an asset, the occasional repair or maintenance is unavoidable, but also worthwhile in the long term to retain a quality tenant.

A vacant building is more expensive than the occasional repair!

Maintenance can be a complex topic and we are here to provide expert advice, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are concerned about a maintenance issue.