Auckland Airport Takes Flight - Viranda Holdings LTD

What would 30 rugby pitches of additional airfield space look like? A legacy project. A major transformation of Auckland Airport. Land acquisition and development is a significant part of our business through our subsidiary, Viranda Partners, so this project is of real interest to us, and we certainly appreciate the scale of it.

To have New Zealand uniquely positioned to welcome business and leisure travellers with ease, is a vital and exciting challenge. According to André Lovatt, Auckland Airport’s general manager of airport development and delivery, this is the largest capital investment since the airport was built in 1966. According to Lovatt, 40 million passengers and 260,000 flights are expected by 2044 – which translates to an investment plan of around $2 billion in aeronautical infrastructure, by 2022 alone.

The airfield project expects to move one million cubic metres of earth (that’s 760 Olympic-sized swimming pools) and 260,000 ton of imported aggregate for pavement construction. Earthworks are expected to be completed by late 2021.

The airfield project is just one of eight infrastructure projects in the pipeline for Auckland Airport. Over the next decade, the programme includes:

  1. the taxiway and remote stand (space for aircraft to layover and/or refuel)
  2. a second runway
  3. a new cargo facility
  4. a new international arrivals’ area
  5. rejuvenation of the current domestic terminal
  6. the new domestic jet terminal
  7. reconfiguration of the international forecourt drop-off and pick up facility
  8. further development of the road network north of the terminals

What an incredible project, with fantastic economic benefits for New Zealand’s travel, trade, tourism and business. Air travel is one thing, but the flow-on activities from this project are so far-reaching, including full time construction jobs, hotel accommodation and hospitality, shopping and recreational opportunities.