Brandon’s journey at Viranda - Viranda Holdings LTD

Quick-fire with Brandon

Brandon joined Viranda in August 2016 and has crammed a lot into this relatively short timeframe. As group projects manager, his role is constantly changing and inspiring. Throw study into the mix, and it’s not been without its challenges. We asked him for some thoughts about his journey to date:

  1. Describe your role at Viranda?
    It’s never dull! I concentrate on the acquisition, due diligence, overview, governance and direction of new property and land development projects. Project management will encompass initial design, construction and commissioning. I’ll oversee construction costs, fit-out budgets and scopes of work. Building exceptional relationships is a must, geared towards getting the best possible cost, quality, quantity, time and location. Managing tenders and/or price negotiations for a range of construction/modernisation projects is also part of my role.
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  2. What do you enjoy about Viranda’s culture?
    Viranda is an energetic, culture-rich environment that allows its team the chance to succeed and continuously improve. We have an open-plan working space that fosters collaboration and removes any sense of hierarchy. Everyone is approachable for discussion or debate, and that’s a real point of difference to many organisations. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to work directly alongside the founder and directors of such a longstanding company.
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  3. What are some of the challenges in your role?
    Development work is dynamic and continuously shifting, and this requires comprehensive decision making and constant stakeholder engagement.
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  4. You recently completed an MBA while working full time – what’s your advice for someone considering it?
    Be prepared for your social life to take a bit of a hit! I completed a Masters of Construction Management – First Class Honours. The majority of students in my course were working full time and completed the masters across 18-24 months instead of 12 months, so that’s a strategy too. Returning to study in an industry-related field was challenging, but also beneficial. It requires you to read articles and information on industry studies that you may otherwise not have been exposed to. It expands knowledge and polishes your time management. Completing study and work was difficult at times and required plenty of late evenings to research, read and write – and even questioning whether it can be achieved. However, committing time and making sacrifices (weekends and evenings) it can be accomplished, and is extremely rewarding and educating.
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  5. Your role continues to evolve – what’s up next?
    Development and project management work is ever-changing, as is the industry which is still experiencing growth. I believe it’s important to continuously educate and immerse myself into the detail across the delivery of three projects, simultaneously. Applying learnings from my recent education will be rewarding for both the projects at Viranda and amongst the team – that’s how we’ll achieve greater results for our clients too.