Clients ready to buy! - Viranda Holdings LTD

We’re hunting for suitable property every day. Let’s work together!

Since 1986, one of Viranda’s biggest strengths is doing deals. Finding the right ‘jewel in the crown’ commercial properties on behalf of our clients.

It sure is an intriguing time right now! Despite a round of two Auckland lockdowns and an air of uncertainty, Viranda have been busy completing deals. Over the past 12 months:

  • We’ve sourced over 10,000sqm of industrial property for clients (ranging from 200sqm upwards)
  • Completed $30m+ in total contract value ($19m since August)
  • Fulfilled buyer requirements from $530k up to $13.9m

We bring this to your attention because demand for quality property among our client base is very strong at the moment.

We are looking to acquire industrial property that is tenanted, between $700k-1.5m and upwards to $3-6m (although less typical). Maybe you’re working on a property that would be suitable?

Guiding investors and purchasing property in a timely manner has never been busier for our team. So if you are marketing a suitable listing – let’s chat.