Myth Buster #3 - Investing in Commercial Property is complicated. - Viranda Holdings LTD

In our 3rd myth buster we explore whether investing in commercial property is fraught with complications.  

 Any significant investment can be complicated without professional advice or a well-planned acquisition plan. Viranda has been living and breathing commercial property (acquisition and management) since 1986. As a company, we’ve seen all market cycles, risks and opportunities – and we know how to prepare for the unexpected. Covid-19 had us on our toes! But that’s our role, and on behalf of our clients, we stay knowledgeable on legislation changes or potential market fluctuations that might impact the performance of your property.  

 Participating in the commercial property scene is not a 9 to 5 job. For us, it’s an exciting and dynamic environment that keeps us inspired to do our best for clients. We have a constant ear to the ground for new opportunities and are in daily conversations with industry networks to ensure our investors have every opportunity to grow their portfolios or add-value to existing assets. Likewise, we have the systems and ‘can do’ attitudes to manage all properties on your behalf so you can relax and leave the complexities and day-to-day asset management to us.  

 Viranda shoulders the stress and keeps it rewarding for investors of every profile, size and shape.  

 If you would like to find out more, please reach out – we would be delighted to help.