Andrew Guest - Viranda Holdings LTD

Andrew co-founded Viranda in 1986. Recognising a market weakness for commercial property investment services for private individuals, Viranda’s early client base consisted of airline, medical and business professionals. From day one he has stayed true to his business philosophy of presenting what he calls the ‘jewel in the crown’ for every client. The right jewel is a property that minimises risk and maximises return according to client’s stated requirements and this on its own has been the guiding principle for Andrew’s 32 years at the same company address. Putting the client’s goal at the heart of the process has led to the retention of more than 75% of his clients, many of whom have become lifetime friends.

An unwavering commitment to achieving success for clients can also be demonstrated by Viranda’s completion of a commercial property purchase every 18 days, resulting in more than 650 properties and assisting in the growth of 300 trusts and companies. These achievements have led to a far-reaching level of confidence with Andrew being a director and trustee of more than 200 entities both in New Zealand and internationally.

As Viranda evolved, Andrew explored new technology as a way to share potential properties with clients in a digital manner. A separate business unit was established – ‘P3D’ is a successful company and a particularly insightful business tool for offshore investors who can tour buildings in a virtual sense – street view to foyer, right through to the inside. Included amongst its premier clients are Auckland Museum, Auckland LIVE, Sky City, ASB Waterfront Theatre, Britomart, The Hilton and so on.

Andrew is a Barrister and Solicitor and an Arbitrator and Mediator (AMINZ). Believing that everyone should have access to legal services, he carries out approximately 12 pro bono (without charge) cases each year. Traveling frequently Andrew has worked out of Viranda House in Takapuna since 1986 and from time to time from home offices in Auckland, Wanaka, and London. An avid musician since starting at the age of six he continues to play in a band, plays guitar frequently, and enjoys a full spectrum of music from Mozart to the Stones.

Andrew is confident about the dedicated culture at Viranda. Placing the client’s best interest at the centre of every project and having a talented, multi-disciplined team has led to strong results for Viranda and, most importantly, for its clients.