Quick-fire Update: OFFICE - Viranda Holdings LTD

Def. Office properties range from single level office buildings in the suburbs, to multi-storey towers in a central business district.

The office sector has shown little material change in value in the past 3-4 months. The demand for high-quality office space and growing expectations of people returning to offices after lockdown has resulted in quiet optimism for this sector.

Demand has also grown for shared and flexible office space, with many benefits identified for tenants. These innovative workplace solutions can better respond to uncertain markets, different working styles and team preferences.

Office space developers are thinking outside of the square for ways to get people into the office, and it’s an exciting time for this sector.

Our team have been involved in the acquisition and management of office property for more than 30 years, a good example is One Byron in Takapuna (a modern office and retail mixed-use space).

We recognise that everyone’s situation is unique, but if you are interested in the merits of investing in office property – a confidential chat is a great first step. Please call or email us today, we would be delighted to assist.