Rosie’s Journey - Viranda Holdings LTD

Viranda’s Social President is keeping work Rosie!

Asset Manager, Rosie Hartwell is a humble top achiever. Since joining Viranda in 2019 her days have raced by in a blur of responsibilities, so it’s time we shared an update from her desk.

Rosie is now Viranda’s Social President and light-heartedly jokes that managing 77 tenants is easier than catering to the social life of a busy team! So many different personalities and interests to appease, against a world of fun ideas to consider.

Passionate about mental health in the workplace, she recognises that boosting morale takes more than a one-off event, it requires consistency. As an industry, commercial property is fast-paced and demanding – by building a positive culture it typically leads to a higher performing team and Rosie finds it rewarding to play a part in this responsibility.

To support her colleagues, she has arranged several outings to let off steam and has discovered the competitive spirit is alive & well – a rematch at lawn bowls is a must!

Meanwhile, light-industrial buildings keep Rosie busy and she has grown her management from 55 tenants to 77 and rising. Property acquisition is also fuelling her career growth and she recently purchased her first industrial building for a client. She now looks forward to completing the service offering with quality asset management.

At the time of writing, she is putting the finer details on a 10-year leasing project, enjoying the negotiation and strategic thinking behind the process.

Finally, despite Covid threatening to ruin a good party, she is grateful to meet clients face-to-face again. Ultimately, it’s people and building strong client relationships that drives her.

Viranda appreciates Rosie’s success to date, along with the lawn bowls, yacht race watching, comedy nights and… watch this space!