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JUNO is New Zealand’s only premium investment publication. Covering all topics of the investment landscape, the magazine is beautifully designed and attracts a wide range of readers from the beginner investor, to the sophisticated expert.

Viranda has been in contact with the talented folk at JUNO for a while now because they are a tenant of a building we manage. We have always respected the quality of their product, so with the Spring edition focusing its commentary on property investing, it made good sense to be part of the action.

We centred our content around who Viranda can help and how ours is a very tailored approach to building wealth for clients. We also debunk the myth that commercial property investment is just for high net worth experts. The edition was a chance to share stories from clients’ with differing goals, yet all successful in their own right. Here’s a recap of just one story. To read the full article in JUNO, click here.

CLIENT: “Starting Out”

Enjoying success in residential properties, this couple were curious about commercial investment. With no experience in this area they came to us for advice. We considered several properties against a range of criteria and desired returns. The right ‘jewel in the crown’ was an initial cornerstone investment of $800,000. Viranda negotiated the purchasing terms, progressed due diligence and achieved a successful acquisition. Five years on, our client now lives overseas. We continue to manage the property and have since grown their portfolio with further assets.