About 4,000 days at the desk! - Viranda Holdings LTD

About 4,000 days at the desk!

Culture is king for Viranda’s Finance Manager, Glenn Martin, and a positive workplace is what has kept him at the same desk since 2006. This year marks Glenn’s fifteenth anniversary with Viranda, a milestone worth celebrating. We checked in with him about why he’s still passionate about the job and the people around him.


What is it about Viranda that keeps you engaged?

As mentioned, the main reason is the company culture – that’s what keeps me here. We’ve always been careful in our selection of staff and I think it’s paid off. There’s a real team spirit of support and friendship – we work hard, but recognise that a laugh along the way is important.

My role has been autonomous from the beginning. I respect the company structure, Viranda isn’t stifled by bureaucracy or hierarchy, so if I see a problem or an opportunity for improvement, we can implement changes quickly.

Aside from the obvious workplace changes like technology, what else have you noticed about staying with the same company?

Having such a long history with Viranda has given me an extensive knowledge base to help out others around me – bounce ideas around and take a mentoring role too.

When you stay with one company, you go through many changing markets and work milestones together, although I didn’t expect a global financial crisis and a worldwide pandemic within 15 years! But there are so many learnings in every situation. Again, the right team around us has made these challenges bearable and strengthened our culture.


If you could, what advice would you give to yourself 15-years ago?

Enjoy it. You’re about to meet some great people and 15 years goes by in a heartbeat. Oh, and that a fax machine, postage, slow internet and paper filing would become a thing of the past!


Finally, do you have a favourite commercial building?

Not a favourite, but I’ve always admired the unique buildings in the Christchurch CBD before the earthquake devastation. So I guess I have a penchant for heritage-listed buildings and appreciate the work that went into creating such impressive structures (with fewer resources back then).

Viranda congratulates Glenn on his outstanding work ethic and looks forward to many more years of success and growth.