Healthy gains for our team. - Viranda Holdings LTD

Healthy returns – minimal risk, that’s the goal for any smart investment, and we’re not just referring to commercial property here, but the overall health and wellbeing of our team. People are our greatest asset.  

As the nation rounds out Mental Health Awareness Week it felt fitting to focus on our latest health and wellbeing plan for Viranda’s team. Mental health in the workplace requires ongoing reflection and accountability to ensure it doesn’t fall between the cracks and we’re proud of this latest version soon to be released. 

We recognise that mental health impacts the performance of a business. Supported, happy and resilient teams are high-performing teams.  

Like so many hardworking Kiwis, our team are in a fast-paced industry with long hours and little downtime. To support one another without any shame, denial or stigma is so important. We also believe that a healthy work environment can positively affect home lives too, so everyone wins. 

Within our plan we have revisited how to best encourage (and subsidise) staff to complete full medical examinations each year, provide education around nutrition and mindfulness, link in with trusted therapists, and prioritise weekly exercise.  

Aptly named, ‘Healthy Gains’, we’re looking forward to putting this latest version into practice, because good health is a right, not a privilege. 

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