What a ride for the Finance Manager! - Viranda Holdings LTD

These days, leafing through the pages of a community newspaper to find your next job is a thing of yesteryear. With a red circle around a role at Viranda, Glenn searched the Western Leader – hardcopy, circa 2006. Facebook was something universities dabbled in, and a new job meant printing your resume on quality stock, even hand-delivering it for extra effect.

Fast track to now and the tech looks very different for Glenn. Back then, it was fax and snail mail, shaky internet, large piles of filing, slow printers, and even email wasn’t on our mobiles. Glenn reflects on the major changes he has seen during his time at Viranda. 

In 2008, he was promoted to Finance Manager, right in time for more change – the global financial crisis. A worldwide recession and a health crisis were never on the agenda! But there are lessons in the downturns, and for the younger team, Glenn brings a sense of calm and wisdom to the mix. He’s seen it before and on both occasions witnessed wonderful examples of humanity as Viranda’s landlords and tenants navigate the way forward. Glenn also trusts the benefits of commercial property ownership. Being a physical asset, it can feel safer than other investments. 

Perhaps less of a transformation has been Glenn’s personal work ethic around what it takes to add-value in a workplace. He believes that finding efficiencies in everything you do will lead to greater outcomes. Even a task done one-minute quicker has compelling cost-savings when multiplied across at least 350 properties.  

What a season of change it has been! But great things never came from comfort zones and Glenn has embraced the adventure so far. He’s not one to look back; there’s more fun to be had looking forward – chasing efficiencies and fostering growth.